Breckin, which means freckled, is the moniker of Melbourne-based visual artist, poet and singer-songwriter, Heather Marsh.

Her debut album, Shiner, is both bruised and brilliant. It illuminates and holds an oblique mirror to the perennial subject of love and loss in a series of songs that are equal parts elegy, sympathy card and therapy session.

Originally raised in a sun-drenched outer suburban Petri-dish of strip malls and wall-to-wall carpet, Breckin made her escape to an enclave of decadents and artists.

Forever ruined for reality, Breckin now walks between the worlds of the pedestrian and the divine telling tales of beauty from the grubby fringes of society.

Life of the Party                                                

Video artist: David Meagher 

The Story Bridge                                                 

Video Artist: Jack Cooper  

Listen: Debut Single 'The Story Bridge'                             

Photographs: Adlona Kmiec                                                                    Album Cover Artwork: Lachesis - I See A Darkness by Selene Cochrane