Inhabiting blessed unrest.
Delivering divine aliveness to your ears


On all streaming services from Friday 28th February, 2022
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Award-winning artist, poet and songwriter, Breckin, releases the first single from her forthcoming EP Singular, due for release in late 2022. Terebithia follows her warmly received debut album Shiner, released in 2018 which was described by Aine Keogh of Forte Magazine as: 
"...the sort of album I can imagine accompanying Alice as she explores her sweetly surreal wonderland."

Breckin remains true to form with Terebithia which opens with sweet slow vocals and propelling acoustic guitar as Breckin tells the story of a beautiful but ill-fated friendship. The song is a homage to the book Breckin became obsessed with in the fourth grade, to the point that she forced her friends to re-enact the plot each lunchtime with her starring as the doomed Leslie.
Other-worldly and cinematic, Terebithia carries the listener toward a haunting single-line chorus that swells with string arrangements by accomplished composer Biddy Connor (Letter String Quartet, Mick Harvey, Jen Cloher, John Cale). 

Breckin is the moniker of Melbourne based award winning visual artist, poet and singer songwriter, Heather Marsh. Her debut album Shiner garnered international attention, with single 'The Story Bridge' selected as a KEXP Song of the Day and Forte Magazine describing it as "...smooth and flows like a sweet, spring dream".

Originally raised in a sun-drenched suburban Petri- dish of strip malls and wall-to-wall carpet, Breckin made her escape to an enclave of decadents and artists. Forever ruined for reality, Breckin now inhabits what Martha Graham describes as the 'blessed unrest', walking between the pedestrian and the divine, telling tales from the depths and the margins. Compared in turn to Neko Case and Joanna Newsom, her songs interlace enveloping warm acoustic tones with sparkling finger-style guitar and lush strings.

Life of the Party                                                

Video artist: David Meagher 

The Story Bridge                                                 

Video Artist: Jack Cooper  

Listen: Debut Single 'The Story Bridge'                             
Breckin's debut single The Story Bridge from the album, Shiner, received high praise from Stephanie Garr (KEXP) and was selected as a KEXP Song of the Day, describing Breckin's style as "..vivid and devastating, while her voice remains eerily calm - hushed, almost angelic - over the sad trembling of her guitar"

Photographs: Adlona Kmiec                                                                    Album Cover Artwork: Lachesis - I See A Darkness by Selene Cochrane